Mastercut boast highly durable, tough, vandal resistant signage that will handle the harshest conditions. Made from 316 grade stainless steel, these signs have been designed to last.
The information and graphics are etched into the stainless steel, this etching process embeds the graphics to around 0.2mm depth. From here we can paint fill etched components to any colour or simply leave the graphic with no paint fill. In harsh conditions, no paint fill is recommended as the sign will last indefinitely under normal conditions, whereas the paint fill may fade and chip over many years.
Other materials used include Corten steel, aluminium, timber and brick. With our advanced laser cutting and chem milling plant, we can work with many materials making unique signage for all areas. We have a range of options for mounting your signage, simply contact us to discuss these options.

Various types of signage available include:

Interpretive Signs
Wayfinding signs, blades and stands
Wayfinding Totems
Botanical labels
Council signage
National parks signage
information signs

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Interpretive Sign Sunshine Coast