"Mastercut have been a long term supplier to BAE Systems Australia and have always shown a high level of professionalism and responsiveness. Supplying product to the Defence Industry is not an easy task, but Jim and the team have consistently met the mark on quality and delivery, resulting in an increased portfolio of parts produced for us over the years. Working closely with BAE to develop parts for manufacture, Mastercut have contributed towards many product improvements and extended their service to successfully cutting 'non-standard' materials as a result of the willingness to try new things. I look forward to maintaining a successful working relationship into the future."
Alby Atkins, Outsourcing Manager, BAE Systems Australia Limited

"Sometimes driving for excellence in project delivery you come to a cusp point where quick reaction is needed.  So here we are building a battery the size of a basketball court to manage frequency regulation, on the largest open market electricity grid in the world, when in the last cycle of qualification testing, we found a part the size of the lead tip at the end of a pencil had a radio frequency sensitivity that no amount of prequalification would have exposed.... and there were a thousand of them at the site.  The Ecoult engineers came up with a quick but complete fix that entailed an intricate RF shield, but we needed them to be turned around yesterday and to that end we needed a supplier who would understand that, more than cutting and etching a small part, they were providing the critical path component in a very important project.  I am very pleased to commend Mastercut who listened and reacted to deliver when needed... great to have manufacturing capabilities like these in place in Australia"
John Wood, Chief Executive Officer, Ecoult

"Whilst developing a new product, I needed someone who had not only the manufacturing capability to produce my designs, but also assist me with the development and trialling of a multitude of permutations as the product/design evolved. Jim and Andy demonstrated a willingness to really help drive the development forward, often by interrupting their heavy production schedule to fit me in or working outside of normal business hours. Their understanding of their laser equipment and their willingness to push known boundaries to new limits assisted greatly with the evolution of my design. Mastercut's ability to 'think outside the square' meant that manufacturing difficulties could be overcome and new ideas could be trialled.
I highly recommend Mastercut to anyone who needs quality workmanship and intelligent assistance!"
Kevin Marshall, Founder, Portal Surgical Procedures

"We recently needed a quantity of shim material urgently during our tight maintenance schedule at Townsville Power Station. The Mastercut team responded immediately, and we received the product in less than 24 hrs. It is excellent to have a team that understands the urgent needs of the power industry."
Ashley Broad, Project Engineer, Siemens Ltd Australia

"Manufacturing onshore is a difficult proposition for any of us, as local customers that buy onshore expect the best quality and service available. Lintek has worked together with Mastercut on a variety of projects for industry over the past 10 years and we find Mastercut's quality, attention to detail and understanding to be excellent. Their technical expertise and easy going nature makes doing business with them simple, and they definitely add value to our bottom line."
Renato Morosin, Technical Director, Lintek

"We found Mastercut Technologies online whilst looking for someone to create some Stainless Steel Combs to offer to our customers, from our online store and our Barber Shop in Byron Bay. The project that we asked them to complete was something that they had never done before, but they were more than happy to do the research and sampling required. They were very attentive to details and gave us great advice on things that we were outside of our knowledge. All of the staff that we dealt with were very personable and friendly, going beyond the call of duty to meet our deadline for the launch of our website. We would highly recommend using Mastercut Technologies and we look forward to working with them again in the future."
Michelle Macnamara, Jack the Snipper