Door Handle


This project not only was an extremely fancy door handle, it was also the front door sign in an office building in Surfers Paradise. A high end refit of office space required a sign that would differ from the rest. Architects designed a door handle that would incorporate this sign. Made totally from Brass, this handle has various methods to create opposing finishes. For example, the world globe is mirror polished woth chemical blackening, whilst the backing plate is etched raw to really make the centre-piece the hero of the job.

With so many processes in place, this project threw up many challenges that Mastercut needed to overcome - and the end result was an amazing masterpiece that certainly grabs your attention upon office entry.

As an additional branding exercise, there were a range of clocks and coasters to accompany the signs, and tie the whole project together. A great use of Brass with Mastercut etching techniques.


Letterbox Front Panels

This front panel for a letterbox is made with deep acid etched stainless steel and laser cut to shape. The water shield was then bent out to prevent rain entering the box.