Mastercut have extensive experience in manufacturing...

  • Warning and Safety Signs
  • Building Directories / Directional Signs
  • Identification Labels
  • Equipment Plates
  • Information Plates
  • Nameplates
  • Plaques
  • Serialised “ID” Plates
  • Barcoded Asset Tags with Adhesive Backing

Delivering flexibility of design, including logos, patterns, holes or any other images that customers require in addition to text, Mastercut can generate plates, plaques or signs in most shapes and sizes from small and detailed, to very large.

We offer two main methods for manufacturing labels, signs and plaques. Each method has its own advantages and we can guide you to the best option for your needs.

Learn the differences between Surface Laser Marking vs Deep Acid Etching.

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Mastercut can supply a broad range of metallic labels in a variety of colours and styles. The range from super long life deep etched stainless steel to economical anodised aluminium.


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Typically larger and heavier than labels, Mastercut signs are generally made from thicker material, often employing a combination of acid etching and laser cutting.

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Mastercut offer a range of unique plaque styles from stainless steel and brass. Alternatively, standard anodised aluminium plaques can be supplied with option including self adhesive backs or wooden block mount.

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ID Plates

Mastercut manufacture super robust deep etch stainless steel plates, typically used on machinery and equipment. Acid etched plates also have the option of adding a colour fill for further contrast.

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Serialised Plates

Mastercut plates can incorporate serialised numbers or other data as part of a series. Plates can be deep etched stainless for long life or surface laser marked aluminium for economy.

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Barcoded Asset Tags

Mastercut can produce a wide variety of anodised aluminium labels incorporating barcodes and/or QR codes and are available with adhesive backing. Simply email us your bulk data or provide sequenced numbers for printing in your required format.

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