Etched parts can be plated in a variety of finishes (gold, nickel, tin etc.) and then formed to your specifications.

Components can be formed either by conventional tooling or etched fold lines which allow forming by hand.

The Photo Chemical Machining process allows the fabrication of parts with complex shapes and features that are impossible to duplicate by other methods without expensive tooling.
Depth-etch bend lines allow forming without tooling by the customer or the factory.

Chemical Etching can be combined with Laser Cutting to produce intricate shapes with fine tolerances in quantities ranging from prototypes to large production runs.



Mastercut designed and created this forming jig from scratch. Its sole purpose is to form a customer's precision part, by bending the tabs to a precise angle. The jig is fully automated and requires the press of one button to complete the process. The design also includes a variety of safety features, including an emergency stop button.