corten wall


Mastercut were approached by the building construction contractor Reitsma Constructions to display meaningful artwork that symbolised an important part of history at “Our Lady of Mercy College” in Parramatta NSW.

The brief was to use Corten steel, and have one part of the wall to subtly display the tree of life. The other part would have a seed pod that the client wanted to look like it was “coming out of the wall in a wavy sensation”. No fastenings were to be visible and Mastercut needed to invent an installation method that not only had this aspect, but was easily installed by the construction companys labourers.

The seed pod lifts off from the backing panels to give the effect of the artwork leaping out of the wall, 1.6mm Corten steel.
All aspects from drafting to manufacture was performed in house. The panels were pre made and assembled in house to be lifted in place on site.

A subtle tree artwork hangs on the front side of the building. Initially, this tree was going to be etched into the panels, however after some test panels were made, we discovered that the artwork could barely be seen at all once the corten steel rusted. The decision to cut the tree artwork out and attached it to the rear panels was made. The artwork sits 10mm proud of the rear panels creating a shadow line.


Corten Wall


Corten Wall