Laser Marking

Laser Marking

Get Laser Marking of Steel and Other Materials Working for You

For precision laser marking or laser etching in Australia, contact us about laser engraving on steel and aluminium. Through the use of our Co2 laser beam, Mastercut Technologies marking onto aluminium, stainless steel and other material. To mark stainless steel, we spray it with carbon and silica; the laser melts this mixture into the surface of the steel. With aluminium, the beam burns the coloured anodising pigments off, leaving an off-white lasered finish.

Mastercut can apply a strong, non-permanent black marking to stainless steel and other finishes to other materials. This method can also be used in conjunction with other cutting techniques for a finished product to your requirements.


The process

Using our Co2 laser, highly detailed text, logos and images can be surface etched onto stainless steel, aluminium and other materials. When laser marking stainless steel, a mixture containing carbon & silica is sprayed onto the sheet and then the laser melts this into the surface. When laser marking aluminium, the coloured anodising pigments on the surface are burnt off, this leaves an off-white finish in the lasered areas. The remainder of the anodising remains on the aluminium surface. It is to be noted that "Laser etching" is not the correct term - Lasers do not etch deep into the material, they can only surface mark. If you are after a permanent "etch" that is deep into the material and will last a lifetime, then use PCM Acid etching

What applications is it best for

Laser Marking is a fantastic technique to apply logos, barcodes or sequential numbering to thin materials.

What can be laser marked?

-Stainless Steel
-Other Soft Materials

Size limitations

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What Sets Mastercut Technologies Apart Regarding Laser Marking

We are a broad-based high technology manufacturing company working with lasers as cutting tools, marking tools, and combining this technology with other methods of production.

  • Laser marking uses a laser beam to mark the surface of a material such as steel or aluminium. The technique uses no printing ink or tool bits and leaves your stainless steel with a stable and black mark, which our clients use for a wide range of applications.
  • We use a wide variety of technologies to make our products and combine laser techniques with other technologies. With us, you have people with substantial experience and overview of many related techniques in your corner.

We opened our doors for business in Burleigh Heads in 1992. Since then, our techniques in laser engraving in Australia and quality end products have been talking for themselves.

Related Services We Provide to Laser Marking on Aluminium

When we laser-mark on aluminium, the coloured anodised pigments on the surface are burned away and leaves off-white finishes where we applied the laser beam.

  • A shopping mall in the City of Canberra came to us for a display in their mall. They needed 4000 golden petals to move in the breeze coming through their mall. We sourced golden aluminium anodised sheeting, and fibre laser cut all the petals ready for the installation.
  • Our Lady of Mercy College in Parramatta NSW has a Corten steel façade depicting a sapling coming up out of a seed cut out of the weathered steel. The cut-out weathered sapling is very striking with the resulting shadow lines.
  • Autumn wonderland. Thin copper sheeting was laser cut into the shapes of leaves for an indoor Canberra display. The precision-cut copper sheeting created the feel of falling autumn leaves through the building.

Some of the People at Mastercut Technologies

Our production manager and staff won a grant for 'What is Your Big Idea Queensland?' for an idea to use fruit extract to clean metal rather than chemicals that are bad for the environment in the 'Better for the Environment' category. Other employees patrol the Gold Coast beaches to keep people safe on our beaches in the summer months.

In summary, we will do anything to make your life better, contact our high technology, environmental- and safety-conscious team members today and let us know how we can help you.

Mastercut also offer - Laser Cutting - PCM Etching - Plating & Forming
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