Restaurant Products

Table Numbers

Stainless steel table numbers don't crack, chip or snap like traditional plastic ones do. They also have the advantage of being heavy enough to not blow away in a gust, and the numbers are etched in a way which makes them near impossible to scratch off, unlike with paint.
Being made to order in stainless steel, means that the table numbers can also be customised with a business name, logo, slogan or image for additional effect. There are also a number of shapes and designs available.


Coffee Stencils

Add something special to coffee using Mastercut's custom stainless steel coffee stencils.
  • No melting or warping like with plastic
  • Long lasting / Durable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Custom designs available

Menu Badges

Add a touch of class to menus with a custom stainless steel menu badge, or a full stainless steel menu cover with your restaurant name and logo and any other information you'd like to add. Mastercut can also manufacture custom 'pins' or 'paperclips' to hold specials, wine or set menus in place.


"Limit of Dining" Markers

Stainless steel "limit of dining" markers are etched to ensure a durable and long lasting result.

Custom Restaurant Products

Mastercut can manufacture a number of customised products to enhance your business image including stainless steel bottle openers, salt & pepper or sugar holders, buffet labels, table card holders, miniature serving plates or trays.

Additional customisable stainless steel items are also available.

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