Solder Paste Stencils

Solder Paste Stencils

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Solder Paste Stencils

Solder paste stencils are among the most exciting advances in electronics assembly, even though they've been on the market for some time. Dramatically simplifying the process of positioning and placing critical components on circuit boards, stencils take the guesswork out of soldering by hand and promote uniformity across every batch created. However, finding the stencils that suit your applications can prove a challenge. At Mastercut Technologies, we're proud to offer a domestic solution for Australian businesses in search of custom stencils for their production lines.

Solder Paste Stencils are required to accurately apply solder to a printed circuit board immediately prior to the electronic components being robotically populated onto the PCB’s.

Mastercut are the only manufacturer of Solder Paste Stencils in Australasia. We use German LPKF laser cutting technology for a consistently high quality cut. The system has been specifically designed to manufacture stainless steel SMD solder paste and adhesive stencils. The result is a stencil of unsurpassed quality and accuracy.

  • Made in Australia for fast turnaround
  • Super clean cut for excellent paste release
  • Data modifications as required
  • Choose from framed, quickplate or shim only
  • Rework stencils
  • Step stencils
  • Reusable framing systems
  • 20 years experience in stencil manufacture and supply


Mastercut Technologies laser-cut stencils maximise return by reducing printing errors, re-work and rejects.

All of Mastercut’s stencil customer’s demand guaranteed high precision and fast delivery in order to meet their forever tight production deadlines. This rigor is carried through all aspects of their precision parts and all parts are certified as being manufactured according to the required standards.

We live in a world that needs mass-produced printed circuit boards for computers. We provide the laser cut stencils to apply the solder exactly where required for the making of these circuit boards. We are the only manufacturer of these solder paste stencils in Australasia.

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All stencils must be ordered using Mastercut's stencil order form (pdf)  Download HERE or using our new online Stencil Order Portal




Mastercut manufacture a variety of SMT solder paste stencils for electronics assemblers. We offer framed, quickplate, shim only, prototype and re-work stencils.

ZelFlex Framing System

Reduce the overall cost of your stencils and simplify your stencil storage with a proven reusable framing system. Frames for almost any printer can be provided.


DEK VectorGuard

Mastercut are now licensed by DEK Singapore to manufacture stencils to suit the DEK VectorGuard system.

The Importance of a Solder Stencil

Why take the opportunity to invest in high quality PCB stencils for use within your production pipeline? Several reasons make a well-made stencil critical for your operations:

  • Stencils allow for consistency during the manufacturing process. With solder beads placed precisely every single time, robotic PCB assembly units will have no trouble securing critical components to the board while ensuring a good electrical connection.
  • Use of stencils quickens the pace of board production, too. With a simple swipe of the squeegee, an entire board can receive the necessary solder in seconds.
  • Well-cut stencils enable far less waste and fewer do-overs, leading to cost savings that may improve your bottom line. With consistency in batch after batch, QC becomes simpler, and the number of boards you must reject for poor quality will decrease substantially.

What Sets Mastercut Technologies Apart Regarding PCB Stencil Creation?

Understanding the value of a solder stencil for PCB creation is one thing but selecting a manufacturer you can trust with such an investment is another. Why opt for the service we provide at Mastercut Technologies?

  • We have the only laser stencil cutting machine currently operating within Australia. Our experience with this hardware is second to none and is among our key strengths.
  • Our commitment to extremely high precision, burr-free and clean cuts. Understanding that these units must produce replicable results for tens of thousands of impressions, we go the extra step for our clients to ensure that every stencil is as accurate and clean as possible. Thanks to that work, every board releases easily from the stencil, further reducing errors on the production line.
  • We're capable of rapid turnarounds for our clients. Since we're based in Australia, we eliminate many of the bottlenecks that are present in this industry. When you need a new custom stencil now, we can help.


Between our cutting-edge equipment and the deep well of experience we have to draw upon for our clients, we're perfectly positioned to support your business with this niche product.


Why Mastercut Technologies is a Cost-Effective Option for an SMT Stencil

Our size is one of our biggest advantages; not only do we have exclusive access to a stencil laser, but we're also one of Australia's largest importers of shim stock. These attributes give us the leverage necessary to obtain materials and provide services in a manner that passes savings and value along to our consumers. To learn more about how we can help, find out how to get in touch today.