precision parts

Precision Parts

Mastercut can manufacture your precision thin metal parts from materials including stainless steel, brass, copper, beryllium copper, mild steel and spring steel. We do this by employing a variety of methods including Photo Chemical Etching (PCM), YAG laser, Co2 laser and fibre laser. We can achieve almost any precision you might require in the shape, form and look of your part.

Typically these parts include...

  • Fine Mesh and Filters
  • Decorative Pieces including jewellery and fine art
  • Encoder Wheels
  • Electronic Components including shielding and antennae
  • Clips, Bridging plates, Lead Frames etc...

We can help you select the best cutting technique for your part, taking into account tolerances, quantity, thickness and post-processing including plating or forming.

Precision Cut Parts _ Mastercut Technologies _ Gold Coast

After evaluating your design, Mastercut can talk you through the finer points to achieve your design goals.

More information on the processes we offer can be found under 'Services'.

See 'Resources' for design guides and other information.


Custom Thin Metal Parts

Mastercut are experts at precision manufacturing of thin metal parts, including encoder wheels, using a variety of cutting techniques.

PCB Shielding

Mastercut can manufacture a variety of PCB shielding shapes to suit your application. Using PCM we can incorporate half etched fold lines to make forming simple and accurate.



The PCM process allows for the manufacture of beautiful, intricately detailed jewellery designs from non-precious metals.