Mark an Occasion With Our Personalised Metal Etched Plaques

Use our beautiful, long-lasting metal engraved plaques and get your message across on a quality material with a modern style in precise print. We use high-quality steel, brass, or aluminium to create your plaque to your requirements. If you are celebrating or commemorating an event or person, use our plaques to create a long-lasting memory. We also provide high-quality, durable etched or anodised signs to get information across effectively. Metal signs are a harder material than their plastic alternative, so they are harder to vandalise.



Surface Laser Marked Stainless Steel

Available Sizes All Sizes
Colour Options Black print on natural stainless steel
Mounting Options Mounting holes and rounded corners
Double sided tape to rear
Process Information Laser marking on stainless steel provides a cost effective method for marking. Will fade in direct sunlight - Deep acid etch recommended for outdoor applications

Surface Laser Marked Aluminium

Standard Sizes A4 & A5
Colour Options LaserFrost Gold / Silver
DuraBlack (white print on black background)
Others - Most combinations available
Mounting Options Block Mount, Adhesive backed, Mounting holes

Deep Acid Etched Stainless Steel

Standard Sizes A4 & A5
Colour Options Natural etched contrast
Can be colour filled with any colour for an additional charge
Mounting Options Mounting holes

Deep Acid Etched Brass

Standard Sizes A4 & A5
Colour Options Natural etched contrast
Can be colour filled with any colour for an additional charge
Mounting Options Mounting holes

Benefits of a Metal Plaque

Compared to wood or plastic, a stainless steel plate engraving or metal engraving provides a modern and longer-lasting option for memorials and commemorations. If you wish to convey a message, a metal plaque is a high-quality option. Here are some of the benefits of our custom plaques:

  • Temperature resistant and durable. Our stainless steel, aluminium, and brass plaques can resist frigid and hot temperatures. Because of its ability to withstand extreme heat and cold, they are a reliable option for any plaque you want to place outside. We source superior, durable metal so that your plaques last a long time.
  • Colour options. We provide colour options for each variation of plaque we offer. Our surface laser marked stainless steel comes in black print for a stark contrast between the silver of steel and the black print. We also offer deep etched stainless steel and etched brass that can be colour filled in any colour at an additional cost to accentuate your plaque with your preferred colour.
  • Utility and modern style. Metal is useful in most environments and its colour and style suits modern living. We provide a selection of mounting options depending on your choice of plaque. Metal plaques offer a classic but contemporary style making it suitable for any building or furniture and the cool feeling and shine of can improve the appearance of any building.

What You Can Expect From Mastercut Technologies Metal Plaque Engraving

Our custom engraved plaques can give your business the professional appeal that you need or beautify and describe an event that has passed. Here is what you can expect from us regarding our custom metal plaques:

Quality Metals. We make sure that every plaque we etch or laser mark is high quality. We want our products to last incredibly long, and we want you to be satisfied with the overall service that we provide; hence, we only use high-quality metal.
Different sizes. Our laser marked stainless steel plaques come in any size, and our aluminium and brass options come in A4 and A5 size.
Flexible design with beautiful print. We masterfully and precisely etch or laser mark each plaque. The print is beautiful, and in the style you prefer, so choose the print that you think suits the purpose of the plaque and accentuate it with your colour preferences.

Why You Should Use Mastercut Technologies

Our business has been operating since 1992. As our name suggests, we are masters of cutting metal, this mastery is informed by our years of experience. We are a local manufacturer, and our profits stay in Australia because we care about our country. We care about making your plaque as appealing as you want it to be, so if you need advice, talk to our staff, and we will help you create your message.

If you are looking for a high-quality plaque, there is no better place than us to find a product that matches your specifications. Contact us and get long-lasting etched or lasered metal plaques to suit any occasion.

Contact us now for your obligation free quote, or to discuss your design options.

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