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Shim Roll

Get a Precisely Cut Quality 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Shim Roll

Each stainless steel shim roll we deliver to you is guillotine cut to your length and metal requirements. A shim is a material used to wedge or fill a gap between objects and can be placed in machinery to make parts fit better. We provide all our shims cleaned, deburred, and ready for use. Choose between a variety of 304 or 316 annealed, half-hard, full hard, and ASTM A240/A480 spec metal cut to the length you prefer. We also provide quality metal signage that gets your message across and lasts a long time.


The process

Our full range of shim can be purchased off the coil in any length and/or variety as required. All material is carefully handled to minimise scratching or marking and is guillotine cut.

Cut lengths are then coiled into heavy cardboard tubes for transport by your nominated courier. Most carriers provide overnight services to all Australian capital cities. Pre-payment is required for all non-account customers, which can be effected by EFT or credit card.

  • Same day despatch available on request
  • EFT or credit cards accepted
  • Reseller discounts available

Refer to stock list for available materials.

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Problems Steel Shim Stock Sheets Addresses

Steel shim stock sheets are useful for adjusting and slotting into the right gaps between machinery, furniture and more. If you’re building or constructing machinery, you may just need one. Here are some problems that steel shim stock sheets address:

  • Parts that can’t join. Machinery and any parts require adjustment to keep working effectively and over the long term. Placing a shim in critical areas helps ensure that parts do not conflict with each other. Placing a shim in an area to tighten the fit also reduces the vibrations of your machinery, so that the mechanism undergoes less damage over time.
  • If you need a surface that you are working on levelled, a shim is an excellent method to adjust the underside until it’s level. Simply place shims underneath furniture or machinery that you are trying to level out until it’s perfectly level.
  • Potential damage. If you work with heavy machinery, heavy furniture or parts that you want to avoid damaging, place a shim between the weight and the shim so that the shim takes the damage for your floor, surface, or machinery.

We cut our standard shims with no burrs and sharp edges. Standard shims are manufactured with 316-grade stainless steel or 304 if you order a custom shim.

Related Services We Provide to Shim Sheet Metal

We provide a large selection of products that are related to shim sheet metal. Here are some of the products that we cut related to shim sheet metal:

  • Quality signage. We use stainless steel, copper, or brass and etch using high-quality precision etchers to slowly etch the signage with your business’s logo and symbol to the required depth. Once we etch, laser mark, laser-cut, or anodise the design depending on the material, we use automotive paint to colour it with any colour that you prefer.
  • Precision parts. Manufactured thin metal parts per your stipulations from materials that include stainless steel, brass, copper, beryllium copper, mild steel and spring steel. The methods we use to cut or etch are photochemical etching (PCM), YAG laser, Co2 laser and fibre laser. We also offer advice so that your specific parts work well for what you intend them to do.
  • Solder paste stencils for electronics. Apply solder paste to your printed circuit boards from our high-quality and accurate stencils. Our stencils are laser-cut to reduce printing errors. Choose from framed, quick plate, and shim stencils cut with German LPKF laser technology that provides dependable and consistent cuts for each stencil.

About Mastercut Technologies

We are a business located in Burleigh Heads, QLD and have been trading for 30 years. We are the largest importer of shim material in Australia and provide a large variety of shim products in different containers, widths and lengths.

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